THE ENTHUSIASM OF CLASSICAL MUSIC. A chamber music group from Vietnam called “Song Hong Chamber Music” has participated in the 36`th Ascoltate Music concert. Ascoltate held its concert virtually on April 6, 2021, via Youtube channel, ascoltate music.

The group consists of 3 members namely Pham Truong Son (violin), Dao Tuyet Trinh (Cello), and Pham Quynh Trang (Piano).

Music Concert for Public Appreciation

Ascoltate is a music program for public appreciation held by the Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta, Post Graduate Program. This monthly concert held in order to facilitate a room for the public to enhance their music appreciation, especially in art music. Not only western art music but also traditional art music and jazz to contemporary art music.

Beethoven and Rachmaninoff

Within this concert, the group performs two repertoires of the two great composers, i.e.

The concert initiates with a speech from Asep Hidayat as a chief organizer, then the music begins with Beethoven’s Piano Trio no. 1 Op. 70.

This is a work with a decisive opening followed by a theme that is more legatto. The theme developed diligently by the composer which theme followed by varying scales of development.

Musical Communication within Chamber Music Performance

Rachmaninoff`s Trio Élégiaque no.1 seems more complex in terms of compositional technique and its expression if compare with the previous piece. These symptoms characterized at least by the appearance of multiple contrasting moments, modulation, and another kind of development.

But in addition, Rachmaninoff is still keeping with the traditional idea about how a musical composition for chamber performance should be done, particularly with an emphasis on communication intimacy between individual voices.

Not so long after hearing some segments, we will become aware if there are so many moments of musical dialogue, especially between violin and cello, interspersed with a piano that switches its function as an accompaniment to solo.

All of this musical journey is well executed by Song Hong Chamber Music while the intense communication fills in between each individual voice.

Chamber Music as an Effective Way to Bring Enthusiasm for the Audience

The two outstanding performances were given by Song Hong Chamber Music prove that they are indeed an experienced chamber music group, in addition to their concert biography that has been done hundreds of times in various cities and countries since 2009.

It is worth it if they believe that through chamber music they can share the passion and enthusiasm of classical music with the audience.

Works for chamber music do have indeed and also characterized with a great emphasis on intense communication between each individual voice. Because according to its history, chamber music works were made to be played with fellow musicians.

With intense musical communication between each musician, they can arouse a passionate enjoyment for the audience.

The concert video is still available on Ascoltate`s Youtube channel. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to watch the live streaming concert, you can visit ascoltate music.

09 April 2021

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